Digital Electronics

The basics of computing systems

Fundamentals of a decimal number system. Binary, Octal and hexadecimal systems and logic levels.

Conversion of number systems from decimal to binary, octal and hexadecimal systems using examples.

Signed bit for representation. One's and two's complement form.

Binary addition and subtraction with explanatory examples.

Binary multiplication and division with explanatory examples.

21 in BCD and Excess-3 of 5 - Understanding BCD and Excess-3: Binary Codes - I

What is Grey Code: Binary Codes - 2

Logic gates - basic building blocks of any digital circuit - AND, OR & NOT with truth tables and examples.

Derived gates, - NAND, NOR, XOR and XNOR | Interesting practical applications

Boolean algebra - De Morgan’s theorem (Part 1)

Laws of Boolean Algebra | DeMorgan's theorem (Part II)

Building logic gates using NAND gate | Universal Gate

How to construct different gates using NOR gate? | Universal Gate

Analytical Instrumentation

Detection & Measurements

Photosensitive Detectors - Detection of Radiation in Analytical Instrumentation

Isolating Radiations | Filters, Monochromators & Gratings | AI

UV-Vis Spectroscopy | Absorption Spectroscopy | AI

Single Beam Photometer | Absorption Spectroscopy | AI

Double Beam spectrophotometer | Absorption Spectroscopy | AI

How stuffs Work

Construction & Working

How accelerometer works? | Working of accelerometer in a smartphone | MEMS

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